Sunday , November 29 2020

With Pac-Man Live Studio, you can play and create mazes on Twitch

Pac-Man turned 40 today. And that's the perfect age to start a Twitch career. Bandai Namco's hero who eats pellets gets a new game called Pac-Man Live Studio. This is a free game that anyone can play by going to their live Twitch channel. It does not require downloads and works directly in your browser. The publisher says Pac-Man Live Studio will launch soon.

Bandai Namco worked with Amazon Games to bring fans closer to Pac-Man Live Studio. The game allows up to four people to play at the same time. Each person controls a Pac-Man with one life at a time. But if only one of the four players reaches the end of the maze, everyone will reach the next level. Your team will fight others for a high score. So try to survive as long as possible.

However, Pac-Man Live Studio also offers Studio mode. This gives the players the tools to create their own labyrinths. You can then publish mazes and share them with your friends and followers. Each public maze is also included in a leaderboard where players can search for the most popular creations.

You can also dive into a list of community mazes in selection mode. This way, you can track levels from popular developers and Twitch streamers.

Of course, Bandai Namco and Amazon also include a classic mode. If you just want a classic 1980s-style Pac-Man, this is the mode for you.

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