Monday , November 22 2021

Will Ferrell crashes Seattle Seahawks video chat and shares his demands as a new player

Actor Will Ferrell pretending to be new Seattle Seahawks player Greg Olsen during a team video call. (@Seahawks screenshot via Twitter)

Virtualizing new talent will be a difficult task for many NFL teams who are forced to separate due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The Seattle Seahawks looked at a guy on Thursday and at least they know he'll be funny.

Actor Will Ferrell crashed a Seahawks video chat with numerous players and coaches, including quarterback Russell Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll. It was introduced as the new tight end Greg Olsen, which the team had picked up from the Carolina Panthers in the off-season.

As Olsen, Ferrell has outlined a number of ways in which he wants to help the team win this season, including creating all of his own games, not protecting pass games, and never playing special teams.

He also raised his Seahawks jersey to reveal a "36-year-old body" that was only honed through yoga.

"Maybe you want to work on this core a bit before you get here," Carroll said with a laugh.

Check it out here:

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