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The shooter Crucible from Amazon returns to the closed beta after the rocky start

Amazon's own game studio Relentless provides its free shooter crucible back to a closed beta state after admitting that the game started before it was finished. In one Blog post published on TuesdayAccording to Colin Johanson, the franchise manager, the focus is now "to give our players the best possible experience as we continue to improve the game," and so the game will return to its pre-release state to the studio Make room to make changes and plan a more robust start.

“We will continue to follow the roadmap we have established and work on map, combat and system changes to improve the Heart of the Hives experience. We will also implement other improvements based on your feedback and the requirements of the game, ”Johanson writes.

The move is a pretty amazing admission of failure in the area crucibleEnd of May. The title, which combines elements of mobile online combat arenas (MOBAs) with the hero shooter genre, came with little fanfare and riots became popular amid the highly competitive PC free-to-play market, which contains numerous Battle Royale titles new tactical shooter Valorantand dominant existing sports like League of legends and Overwatch.

While crucible brought some real innovations to the table, the game's lack of originality and lackluster characters, struggle and art style made it largely unforgettable. It also suffered from an identity crisis by trying to be a bit of everything at once: a hero shooter, a battle royale, and a MOBA. Relentless last month has given up the game's more peripheral Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch modes to focus solely on the game’s MOBA-inspired Heart of the Hives mode. However, this didn't seem to give the studio enough time to fix core issues and make the game more attractive to new players.

Relentless says it will take some time each week to play with the community and get feedback. "We're setting up a local council made up of beta players of all styles, from casual gamers to highly competitive players with whom we will work particularly closely." We'll get more information about this advice and our weekly schedule shortly, ”said Johanson.

For those who have crucible Relentless says the game still works normally and can be launched from Steam without downloading anything. Players also keep track of the Battle Pass progress and any cosmetic items they may have earned or bought, and the in-game store remains open. But for those who want to play the game and have not yet downloaded it, they have until 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. ET tomorrow to download it before it officially enters the closed beta phase by invitation only . At some point in the future, interested players can sign up for access through the game website.

"We will continue to release updates, work with the organizers to run tournaments, talk to you about Discord, the subreddit, and our other social media channels, and make Crucible better with your help." When we finish the beta, it is based on your feedback and the metrics we see in the game, ”Johanson writes. Relentless also encourages players to continue sharing screenshots and clips, encouraging friends to play, and talking openly about the game on social media.

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