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The HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset will be available this fall for $ 600

HP introduces the HP Reverb G2 virtual reality headset with high-resolution specifications that the company hopes will attract new users and consumers in the enterprise. The company is launching the second-generation VR headset in collaboration with Microsoft and the game company Valve. The headset will be available in the fall for $ 600.

The headset's resolution is 2,160 x 2,160 per eye, which should improve VR's visual realism, said John Ludwig, chief product manager for VR at HP, in a press conference. He said the Reverb G2, which uses Valve-designed lenses, will have 2.5 times the resolution of the Oculus Rift headset and will deliver sharper images that enhance the feeling of being transported to another reality.

"These are brand new panels, not the same panels that the Reverb G1 used, and they offer some amazing improvements in immersiveness," said Ludwig. “The contrast and brightness of these brand new panels are significantly higher. We have also reduced the persistence of the pixels. With the contrast and brightness boost, you get a much better visual experience. With persistence, you get a more pleasant and fluid experience. "

Above: HP has designed its new VR headset comfortably.

Photo credit: HP

HP worked with Valve and Microsoft to enable integration between the Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR platforms. The new headset is a replacement for the HP Reverb G1, which came on the market in March 2019 for $ 600. This headset had visual flaws that made it feel like you were looking at the world with dirty goggles, but these issues are not included in the new headset, Ludwig said.

The hope is that the product will attract more people to the virtual world. While VR failed to deliver on its original promise, it has made steady gains during the pandemic.

"We at HP have learned to adapt to this new normal," Anu Herranen, director of new product launches at HP, said in a press conference. “Now the virtual way is the only way for all of us. So this new normal has really accelerated and expanded how and when we use VR at HP. There will be a large number of people working, training and studying from home. "

Develop a new VR experience

Above: The HP VR headset offers a resolution of 2 x 2 KB per eye.

Photo credit: HP

VR has a chance because of the pandemic, according to HP, zoom video conferencing doesn't have extensive interaction and physical meetings are not possible.

In April, SteamVR recorded nearly 1 million additional monthly connected headsets, tripling the largest monthly profit to date. HP expects 25% to 30% of its workforce to work from home several days a week by 2021, looking for new ways to work together. HP has retained features like high-resolution LCDs in a lightweight design and 114-degree field of view. It runs at 90 frames per second.

The new device has improved audio data that, according to HP, gives users a real feel for 3D space when they immerse themselves in the VR world. For example, players can locate their opponents with audio clues. The speakers for the device are similar to those of the Valve Index VR headset.

Above: The HP Reverb G2 VR headset has speakers similar to the valve index.

Photo credit: HP

Like other modern headsets, it has inside-out tracking or four cameras on the headset itself, making external sensors unnecessary. Windows Mixed Reality also enables motion detection to be 1.4 times higher and maintains six degrees of freedom without external sensors or lighthouses, said Herranen.

With better resolution, users can see text and textures more clearly, resulting in a better user experience and better storage. The hand controls have new intuitive controls, including an optimized button layout, application and game compatibility, and the ability to be pre-coupled via Bluetooth for easy setup.

HP made it more comfortable. The headset has manual adjustments for your eye settings and a face mask pillow for better comfort. You can rotate the face mask 90 degrees when you switch from the virtual to the real world. The headset also offers better weight distribution and comfort for longer VR sessions. It is connected to a PC using a single cable.

US pre-orders are available today on, the SteamVR home page, and select resellers.

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