Wednesday , December 22 2021

Jeff Bezos & # 39; Blue Origin Space Venture offers its own merch … finally

A heavy duty coffee cup is one of the items offered for sale through the Blue Origin online shop. (Blue Origin photo)

Given that Blue Origin was founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, you might think that the space company in the Seattle region would be a pioneer in selling online goods.

But the company has just now opened its online shop to the general publicoffers Blue clothing, hats and accessories such as water bottles, coffee cups and luggage tags. And yes, you can use Amazon Pay to process the order (or not if you prefer).

That comes years later Elon Musk's SpaceX started selling goods online. Blue Origin could learn a few lessons from SpaceX when it comes to the merch department: The inventory of SpaceX includes a lot more material, from the lower area (sticker ranges) to the middle area (model rockets, posters and branded cups) to premium – Selection (softshell jackets).

To be fair, employees at Blue Origin's headquarters in Kent, Washington, can choose from an internal selection that is wider than what the public can see. For example, a manager is known for his stylish Blue Origin socks.

If you're longing for a New Glenn rocket or a Blue Moon lunar lander, the Blue Origin online store can't quite connect you yet. But there is still some promising news on this front: Last week, a Lego minifigure set was proposed – including New Glenn and Blue Moon, as well as Rover, a satellite, and a launch tower – won the 10,000 votes required for the manufacture and marketing through which are taken into account Lego ideas program.

The corona virus pandemic has tightened Blue Origin's missile development plans, but who knows? When New Glenn flies around 2021, I may be able to order the New Glenn Lego set from the Blue Origin online store.

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