Wednesday , December 22 2021

Google makes seasonal savings free for all Nest Thermostat owners

Google is making it easy for people to save energy this summer by introducing a free version of Seasonal Savings for everyone Nest thermostat Owner. Until now, the function was only available to customers of utilities with seasonal savings programs. according to a Google blog post.

Seasonal savings act as an "energy monitor" that makes minor schedule changes to help people save energy automatically without noticing major temperature changes. "By adjusting your schedule daily by a fraction of a degree, users save energy while remaining comfortable," wrote Krishan Gupta, Product Manager at Nest. "These small changes can really add up. The average customer sees 3 to 5 percent energy savings in their home's heating and cooling systems."

The company also works with energy companies at rush hour rewards to enable thermostat owners to automatically adjust the temperature of their homes during peak energy consumption. "When energy requirements peak, energy companies will become more expensive, less reliable and less environmentally friendly," said Gupta. “When you log in, your Nest thermostat changes the temperature in your house on some of these afternoons with maximum energy consumption in summer. This lowers demand and ensures comfort at the same time. "

The feature will be available to all Nest Thermostat owners in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) from June. Users see a notification on their device asking if they want to sign in.

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