Monday , November 22 2021

Google adds background blur, subtitles, and low-light mode to meet video calls

Google Meet is working on several new features that can keep up with the competition, including adding images or blurring backgrounds to video calls. 9to5 Google reported. As on the competing video conferencing platforms Zoom and Microsoft Teams, users can either choose their own picture or choose from several standard options.

Google confirmed this The edge In addition to background blur and background replacement images, real-time subtitles, low-light mode, hand raises, and a tile view of up to 49 meeting participants are provided in the consumer version of Meet. The company didn't release details about when the changes would be available, however 9to5 Google Meet has reportedly previewed some of the upcoming features for its training and enterprise customers.

Google has integrated Meet into Gmail last month by adding a link in the sidebar and making meetings with up to 100 people available without time limit to people with a Google account. It is working to catch up with the videoconferencing juggernaut Zoom, which is the leading videoconferencing app for people who work and study remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Google and Microsoft are beginning to zoom in. Microsoft expanded its Teams app to 75 million active users per day, the company said in April. According to Google, Meet recently exceeded more than 100 million Meet meeting participants per day.

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