Monday , November 22 2021

Disney delays Mulan again while the film studios continue to wait in the midst of a pandemic

Disney is late Mulan For the second time this year, the film was postponed from July 24th to August 21st. The move follows Warner Bros.'s decision to postpone that of Christopher Nolan principle for the second time from July 31 to August 12.

Disney doesn't want to be the first studio to release a big movie in the middle of a pandemic if the company isn't sure how many people will show up. The delay is added to confirm that Disney and Warner Bros. are involved in a game with Release Chicken. Neither studio wants to test its potential billion dollar films first in a market where the films could lose money if the audience doesn't show up or cause restrictions that prevent the audience from seeing these films.

The previously cited Disney CEO, Bob Chapek principle (referred to as "competitive film") as the film Disney managers wanted to see; The hint was that if principle well done Mulan could Run the following week, but if it flopped on the opening weekend, Disney could move Mulan. Bob Bakish, CEO of ViacomCBS, added in his company's call for profit that he was hopeful at the time The SpongeBob Film: Sponge on the run should open in early August, the cinemas would be in full swing again. ViacomCBS has now moved The SpongeBob Film: Sponge on the run to a digital publication only in 2021.

While the studios are trying to figure out when to release their 2020 blockbusters, theaters are also watching closely. Companies like AMC Theaters and Regal rely on films like principle and Mulan To bring people back to the theater. Plans to open further seemed to be based on this principleThen is July 31st. Now Warner Bros. is republishing Beginning at this place to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary. If the studios don't release new films, the theaters have nothing to appeal to the audience.

As concerns about the new coronavirus continue to increase with the reopening of the states, it is still unclear whether summer blockbusters will actually be released. At the moment it seems that the studios are playing it safe and continue to gradually delay until the right time has come.

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