Tuesday , November 23 2021


Add tons of data to your real estate strategy for just $ 30

In the age of big data, those who invest in data usage tools will generate significant returns in the future. For example, real estate could change significantly in the coming years. According to FastCompanyThe transition to a more data-driven real estate approach will help “reshape the markets, attract new investors …

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Google makes seasonal savings free for all Nest Thermostat owners

Google is making it easy for people to save energy this summer by introducing a free version of Seasonal Savings for everyone Nest thermostat Owner. Until now, the function was only available to customers of utilities with seasonal savings programs. according to a Google blog post. Seasonal savings act as …

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Facebook will ban ads that pose a threat to races or religions

Facebook sets new restrictions on hateful content in ads and specifically prohibits ads that lead to racial segregation. In particular, the new directive will "prohibit claims that people of a particular race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, caste, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status pose a threat to physical security, …

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