Monday , November 22 2021

After purchasing Planetary Resources, ConsenSys releases its room ideas – but sells the hardware

An asteroids arcade game from the Planetary Resources break room is one of the items to be auctioned next month. (Photo by James G. Murphy Co.)

It's been a year and a half since the fortune of Planetary resourcesThe asteroid mining company, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, was named by a blockchain company ConsenSys. Now we find out what ConsenSys does with these assets.

TruSat, a project that aims to leverage crowdsourcing opportunities to improve global satellite tracking capabilities, has been transformed from a ConsenSys Space product into an independent, community-led, open source project.

The project is now headed by a committee that includes Chris Lewicki, who served as President and CEO of Planetary Resources. and Brian Israel, former General Counsel of Planetary Resources. Both men came to ConsenSys Space in connection with the takeover in October 2018.

"This transition from TruSat to a community-managed project has been accelerated by the exceptional economic conditions in which ConsenSys Space has ceased operating," the committee said in an email to supporters. "The original team behind TruSat is determined to give TruSat a chance to survive and thrive beyond ConsenSys Space. It will continue to support the project with ConsenSys beyond its time."

Part of the transition is to raise the profile of the TruSat Community Forum, which serves as an online meeting point for hundreds of observers in the TruSat network.

ConsenSys also offers the intellectual property of Planetary Resources to all users.

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"ConsenSys irrevocably promises not to file a lawsuit against a party for infringement of a Planetary Resources patent or Planetary Resources intellectual property, as long as that party acts in good faith," said Company says on its website.

The patents offered include Plans for microsatellites, Dual-use imaging and optical communication systems and the design that Planetary Resources should use for its crowdfunded space telescopes and for the company Method of finding and breaking down asteroids.

However, ConsenSys reserves the right to use the Planetary Resources brand.

Before ConsenSys acquired the company's assets, Planetary Resources had planned to auction off most of the hardware in its office and machine shop in Redmond. The auction is now open again: James G. Murphy Co. has 118 lots for sale in a purely online sale that runs from May 28th to June 4th. A real-world preview is scheduled for June 3.

The items range from laptops, tools and office furniture to CNC milling machines, infrared camera systems, 3D printers, a Meade LX80 telescope, a forklift and an S-band satellite dish.

"Even the asteroids arcade game from the Planetary Resources break room!" Israel said in an email that it sent me about the sale.

Planetary Resources once looked for an opportunity to create a new trillion-dollar industry. Next month a lucky buyer will get a chance to score a new highscore.

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